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I'm a social media strategist, online branding consultant, award-winning blogger, professional dancer/dance teacher, and was featured in Dance Magazine as a "Media Maven". I am a native New Yorker, happily married, vegan, a new mom, and I LOVE dogs (especially pit bulls and rottweilers, after volunteering at an animal shelter for 3 years)! Join me as I journey through life with optimism and passion, by God's grace, and for His glory! Oh, and feel free to ask me a question!
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http://facebook.com/InsideNYCDance The Host of Inside New York City Dance, Ashani Mfuko, with the beautiful and talented dancing sisters, Alicia Graf Mack (Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre) and Daisha Graf (MBK Entertainment). Look out for a brand new episode of “Inside New York City Dance, featuring these beautiful ladies, and learn about their Daisha and Alicia Graf Arts Collective!

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